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We’ll help mold your vision into a clearly defined product strategy using intuitive design, built with clean and scalable code that you can feel confident bringing to market.

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Product Design Strategy

We’ll help define who your customers are and prioritize which features are most valuable to them while aligning with your business goals. Our process will help you stay laser focused on bringing your product to life, saving time and money along the way.


You’ll have user-friendly design mock-ups that not only look great, but have been tested and validated with potential users using interactive prototypes. Developers will be part of the process and have organized and annotated designs to make implementation a breeze.


We pride ourselves on our clean, well-written code that can scale as you grow. We write tests to ensure our code is reliable and works consistently. We’ll help walk you through which features can potentially be solved using third-party solutions vs. what you want to build from scratch and why.

What our clients are saying

Jordan Greenfield - CEO @ hoo.be

“I have worked with the VisualBoston team for several years and they are the perfect extension to a scaling company in need of product expertise. As a non technical founder, scaling your product team can always be a little unsettling but with VisualBoston there is always full transparency and a clear understanding of the immense value they bring to the table.”

Reza Amin, PhD - CEO @ Bastion

“We’ve been working with VisualBoston on multiple projects in the last year. They have delivered high-quality product design and user testing. The VisualBoston team has been well integrated with our internal team and their approachability and adaptability were impressive. They do a great job with project management and meeting deadlines and their workflows allow easy, effective, and productive remote work. ”

David Bates, PhD - CEO @ Linus Health

"We began working with VisualBoston on a mobile app, which quickly expanded into ownership of multiple UX/UI projects across Linus Health. Alec is both a terrific UX designer as well as a masterful project manager who always delivered on time. And Mark is extremely knowledgeable about front-end development and best practices, ensuring that our apps run responsively and smoothly."

Ed Walters - VP of Growth at Mosaic

“It was a straightforward, high-quality experience. The team delivered 120% of what they promised at the outset, on time and on budget. Extremely competent across both development and design, and willing to shift from strategy to tactics based on what was most important/needed.”

Jimmy Kennedy - Product Manager at O2X

...We have a very small in-house product team and VisualBoston was able to provide a solid design strategy that included a wealth of research into the current market and what would help us stand out. All throughout the design phase, the team was engaging and really built a partnership with our company that will last for more projects to come...The team at VisualBoston are truly experts in their field and its complexity reflects in the products they deliver.

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