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O2X provides customized wellness programs for public safety departments, the military, and federal agencies that optimize every aspect of their most valuable resource: people.


Motivated by the goal of improving their user experience, the O2X team came to us with the intention of redesigning their mobile application to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Our Approach

In our redesign of the O2X mobile app, we conducted rigorous user testing to ensure our updates were effective and ROI-driven. By adopting advanced UX/UI trends and ensuring intuitive usability, we tailored the redesign to meet and surpass the client’s business goals.

About the Project

Design Validation & Design System

Dedicated teams in VisualBoston helped O2X go through each step of the design process and make sure that user needs are taken into account and user experience is designed and developed with excellence.

Scaling a digital product can be a real challenge. Our team created a scalable Design System that allows O2X implement new features and grow their business while keep the product consistent from platform to platform.

User Testing & Project Management

We conducted moderated remote user tests to understand the app's performance, doctor booking success, and user flow, gaining valuable insights into the overall user experience and expectations.

Advocating for user needs is always one of our team’s top priorities, making the products we build stand out.

Long-term Collaboration

This project became a start of our collaboration with O2X. Our dedicated team has been hitting goals and releasing new features and updates to the native mobile app, web app and much more.

"...We have a very small in-house product team and VisualBoston was able to provide a solid design strategy that included a wealth of research into the current market and what would help us stand out. All throughout the design phase, the team was engaging and really built a partnership with our company that will last for more projects to come...The team at VisualBoston are truly experts in their field and its complexity reflects in the products they deliver."

Jimmy Kennedy, Director of Digital Products @ O2X

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