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Men's Health Reimagined


Bastion Health is an app-based telehealth platform for helping men with their reproductive and prostate health, offering quick and convenient access to urologists and men's health specialists.


They came to us initially to help improve the UX/UI to an existing native mobile app. Over the past two years, we've had the pleasure of providing ongoing design support for new features in the mobile app, internal web app, and even marketing initatives.

Our Approach

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About the Project

UX/UI & Design System

Merging tele-healthcare and personalized user space was a challenging task. UX research was the key point to define main focuses of the product and future process.

We created the DS for Bastion project to keep the design process and elements consistent.

Integration & Project Management

Moderated remote user testing helped us to clarify how exactly we should integrate features, such as video calls into the app to meet client’s and user’s needs.

We established a full-cycle design project in Jira and trained Bastion team so they can modify and work in future with it.

Our Results

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“We’ve been working with VisualBoston on multiple projects in the last year. They have delivered high-quality product design and user testing. The VisualBoston team has been well integrated with our internal team and their approachability and adaptability were impressive. They do a great job with project management and meeting deadlines and their workflows allow easy, effective, and productive remote work. ”

Reza Amin, PhD

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