We’re an international team with roots in Boston, MA

Founded by two creative dads with a shared passion for beautiful design and code.

  • Alec Harrison
    Design Specialist & Co-founder

    Alec Harrison

    UX/UI Design professional with 10+ years of experience leading iOS, Android and Web-based product design (B2B and B2C) from concept to launch. He has helped design products in various industries ranging from Healthcare, Fintech, Education to Robotics.

  • Mark Stenquist
    Engineering Specialist & Co-founder

    Mark Stenquist

    Mark is a software engineer with over 12 years of professional experience helping teams build and maintain beautiful web and mobile applications. Enjoys both teaching and mentoring young engineers to help them learn new valuable skills.

  • Jaime Orozco
    Senior UX/UI Designer

    Jaime Orozco

  • Tuily Brizolla
    Senior Engineer

    Tuily Brizolla

  • Bruno Nascimento
    Senior Engineer

    Bruno Nascimento

    Passionate about the Web, UI Engineer experienced with state of the art technology. History of working with high fidelity websites as well as large scale web apps. Lover of learning and spreading his knowledge around.

  • Mégane Bordichon
    Project Manager

    Mégane Bordichon

  • Valeria Rigalt
    UX/UI Designer

    Valeria Rigalt

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